Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations
CEDPO_Brussels 005sCEDPO was founded in September 2011 by European Data Protection Organisations, namely, AFCDP (Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel) of France, APEP (Asociación Profesional Española de Privacidad) of Spain, GDD (Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit) of Germany, and NGFG (Nederlands Genootschap van Functionarissen voor de Gegevensbescherming) of the Netherlands.
In February 2014, ADPO (The Association of Data Protection Officers) of Ireland, ARGE DATEN of Austria, and SABI (Stowarzyszenie Inspektorów Ochrony Danych) of Poland joined CEDPO. The latest to addition to CEDPO took place in 2018 when ASSO DPO (Associazione Data Protection Officer) of Italy became a member association.
CEDPO aims to promote the role of the Data Protection Officer, to provide advice on balanced, practicable, and effective data protection and to contribute to a better harmonisation of data protection law and practices in the EU/EEA. In this light, position papers on legislative proposals such as the General Data Protection Regulation have been produced and presented to representatives of the EU Commission, the Parliament and the Concil.
In addition, CEDPO has made several contributions to other legislative  and practical aspects of data protection which can be found here.