Press Releases
  • CEDPO’s Amsterdam Declaration on the DPO in the Draft Regulation: 27.10.2015 (EN) Download
  • CEDPO on EDPA’s draft Ad hoc contractual clauses EU data processor to non-EU subprocessors: 03.10.2014 (EN) Download
  • CEDPO on the rise! New members: 06.02.2014 Download (EN) Download (FR)
  • CEDPO position on DPOs recognised by EU Commission, Council and MEPs: 13.03.2013 (EN) Download
  • CEDPO on LIBE’s Draft Report on the Proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation: 11.01.2013 (EN) Download
  • CEDPO on Proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation: 06.02.2012 (EN) Download
  • “New EU Law must strengthen Data Protection Officers!”: 26.05.2011 (EN) Download
In the (online)Press
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